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t sucks. I won't be saving any lives any time soon.
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of people, and eventually become a paramedic. I wanted a really respectable job. Not some cna bullshit, a career. All of that is pretty much gone now. I
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It's kinda funny growing up with diabetes, my parents always said "you can do anything you put your mind to." i truly thought that was possible all throu
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gh my life, up until now, diabetics really can't live the same lives as someone who doesn't, i wanted to be an emt, drive an ambulance and help take care
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ost done with emt school. So yeah later everyone.
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thing. It had an incredible amount of brown and white floaties. So yeah, it's been a while since i've posted anything. So That's what's up. I'm also alm
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So i've decided that i really want to move. This house isn't good for anything. I tried to drink water for once and the shitty dishwasher doesn't clean a
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    So it turns out that the reason my Dad disappeared was because he was in the hospital for five days getting "Major Surgery". I wish he would've told me. He's probably depressed about it, since I think it involved him losing his testicles. That's gotta suck. Hopefully I'll see him before I leave.
    Don't you love ordering something from someone and then not knowing when it will ever arrive? Kinda like a Christmas present you know about, but don't know when you will actually get it. Well I got that feeling when I ordered my LOGS cd. I got it in the mail the other day and I was really excited and the recording was very good.

    I've been packing all day and it's surprising to see some of the stuff I've held onto for so long.  Hopefully I'll see more people before I leave haha!

    And finally the Noah King is moving away mix cd hahaha!

    1. The Weakerthans - Everything Must Go!
    2.  ALEXISONFIRE - Passing out in America [also used for the leaving San Diego Mix]
    3. Champion - Promises Kept
    4. Band of Horses - The Funeral
    5. Blink 182 - Adam's Song
    6. Cannibal Ox - Pigeon
    7. City and Colour - Comin' Home
    8. The Elected - Not Goin' Home
    9. Eric Bachmann - So Long Savannah
    10. Grandaddy - Disconnecty
    11. Grandaddy - Where I'm Anymore
    12. Hideki Naganuma - Grace and Glory
    13. Beirut - The Gulag Orkestar (for when we climb The Grapevine)

I'll be home soon. I love you.

Current Music: Read the Blog and Moneen - The Start To This May Be The End To Another

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    So, I was in a bad mood yesterday. It seems like with plans so perfected as they are and with everything seeming to fall in place I just kinda can't wait for it to happen. Every single day here feels like an eternity, work is dull and stressful, the people here are just weird, and I only hang out with Andrew. None of this is particularly bad at all. But Andrew is always gone with his girlfriend and is almost always not in the mood to chill. But eh, I guess that's what happens! My sister is buying my house and renovating it and turning it into a good house again. New doors and windows. Central cooling and heating. New plumbing. Full carpeting, you name it they're doing it.

    My dad told me he was sick. He went to the hospital a little bit before thanksgiving. I talked to him on thanksgiving and the monday I was back. Now I haven't spoken to him since, he's gone missing. I think it's weird since he always told me "Noah, I just wanna leave and go camping, just like the old days. I hope you'd want to join me." I always hesitated, because not only am I afraid to drive with my dad, I'm not sure him getting drunk in the forest would benefit anyone. So maybe he's camping. Or maybe how cats leave the house, or hide within to die. Maybe he's done the same. I'm hoping for the best. I love him.

    Everything else is fine. I took pictures of Matt's drums, they're on his myspace (myspace.com/creaturedrums) They're cool. I like him, I hope his business gets a lot better. If you play drums buy them from him haha! It's funny how I think about it now and i haven't told very many people that I'm moving. My dad doesn't even know, but that's because he's disappeared.

I just keep telling myself, "One more week, one more week, then you can be with the person you've needed for so long." A lifetime with Kristianne is way more than worth two really shitty weeks of school and work.

It took me all day to update this. I hope it doesn't take that long next time haha!

Current Music: Cowboy Dan - Modest Mouse

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Today I learned in Sociology what is known in modern America as "The Second Shift". It's where after you're done with work and you come home and all you have is more work. It tears relationships apart statistically. It's mostly due to men being stupid and women being smarter and generally kinder. I feel like I'm somewhere in there in this "Second Shift" type of place. I did the dishes, cleaned my room (only a little) and cooked myself dinner. One of the reasons they call it the second shift is because people spend more and more time at work these days than ever before. They don't feel at home when they are home and generally feel better at work. I feel like this place really isn't my home any more. And I don't get anything from work (I never have ever enjoyed any of my jobs intensely enough to wish to be there than with a friend or loved one.) So I dunno. I feel strange. The Mac and Cheese didn't turn out as amazing as I had hoped. Growing up is weird. I've never been so alone in my house for this long.
On another note I finished the cover page of my kids book. Minus the LumberJacks part, or I could turn into I Heart Lumberjacks and this book could be about a specific Lumberjack in the series.

I'm not sure yet. All I know is the first page has to do with Big Appetites.

Current Music: A New Found Glory - Heaven isn't too far away

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